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She is amazing!

EM has worked with my son several times since he was born, first helping to get him on a sleep schedule when he was 6 weeks old so I could work from home full time and have him with me. Then when we were transitioning to solids and a little help on behavior around 2.5. I’ve also consulted her whenever I have a question. She is amazing! My son sleeps better and behaves better than any other friend’s child (and receives compliments on his behavior) despite some challenging circumstances. Highly recommend!!!!

—Barbara M.

Above and Beyond

Auntie EM has been a part of our family since 2011. She has helped me with both of my children’s sleep training, behavior, nutrition, and so much more. Auntie EM goes above and beyond. I highly recommend her!

—Melissa G.

Amazing talent with children

EM has an amazing talent with children of all ages, including babies. Our daughters, aged 5 and 3, absolutely adore her and EM literally slept at our house for virtually every night for a six week period of time after our 3 year-old was born. They established a bond that runs through today, and all 3 of my children are as excited to spend time with EM as they are with their parents. When EM is sitting for our kids, we never feel the need to check in. We know that there's nothing EM has not seen or cannot handle and we are always amazed at the way in which EM handles our children with the perfect blend of kindness, playfulness and discipline. She truly understands kids and we are lucky to know her and have her involved in the lives of our children

—Melanie and Eric

EM was my advocate

My husband and I are so thankful to have had EM as our birthing doula. Before my child’s birth, we interviewed several doulas. EM was by far the best. She was very knowledgeable, professional, and understanding. She stayed with us throughout the entire labor, delivery, and first breastfeeding, which for us was well over 32 hours!!!! She was so dedicated that she never left my side…and I am not exaggerating! During my labor, she eased my pain through massage and helped relieve some of my husband's anxiety by explaining our options when medical decisions had to be made. EM was my advocate, which helped us stay pretty close to our birthing plan. As a bonus, she took several pictures and videos for us. This allowed my husband and family to spend precious time together without distraction. I highly recommend EM. She is a fabulous person. If you are fortunate to have her as your doula, you will not be disappointed with her commitment to you and your family.

—Monica & Steven

Auntie EM is an angel

Auntie Em is an angel and was exactly what I needed right after giving birth to my first baby. I had no idea what I was doing and she came in like a breath of fresh air, helping me decipher my baby’s cues, helping us with our latch, as well as cooking delicious and nutritious food for me. I loved how she helped me set up my nursery and home to support me and my baby getting the most out of our rest and wake times. As a single mom mostly doing it all myself, I don’t know what I would have done without her in those first few months. I highly recommend Auntie Em as a postpartum doula and baby whisperer.


Emily has great energy

Auntie EM has great energy--my baby girl loves her and I do too because she is professional, knows her stuff and will do as much or as little as you would like her to do. I trust her completely with my baby.


She's become a member of our family

Once Auntie EM walks through the door, our kids forget all about mommy and daddy. It's all about Auntie EM! When Emily is with our kids, we have no doubt that they are in loving and capable care. She's become a member of our family

—Samantha and John

Emily is a truly lifesaver

Emily is truly a lifesaver. She was with me for the first 6 months of my daughter's life and she allowed me to feel safe and secure leaving her alone at any time. She is knowledgeable in so many different areas and she taught me things about my baby as well as my older child. Emily's innate senses allow her to be the perfect caregiver for a child of any age

—Denise G

Emily offers a practical and sensible approach to childcare

Emily offers a practical and sensible approach to childcare while using common sense with the highest level of competency. She makes all aspects of infant care seem easy (simple) and every baby is a perfect baby when with Emily (great sleeper at night, terrific napper, wonderful eater, good traveler) - who knows why - but we're very thankful for it.

—Rhonda and Don Simon

Emily will help calm any fears you have about being a new parent

Emily is so wonderful with babies and kids of all ages. She came to us 3 years ago and taught us everything about newborns. Emily truly is the baby whisperer and will calm any fears you have about being a new parent

—Jenn and Andy

My kids loved her!

After seeing Emily with my two children (two and four) for just a few minutes, I felt totally comfortable leaving them in her capable hands. I have never felt that way with a sitter after such a short period of time. And my kids loved her!


Emily was amazing

Auntie Em has a way of working with your children that will have the whole family work together to become a peaceful happy family. She is a calming force that is beneficial to keeping you sane when you have a million things going on. With whatever issue you need help with she will work with you, and step by step, you will see progress right before your eyes. Auntie Em is very helpful and thorough in the projects she accepts.


My kids loved her!

Auntie EM made the newborn experience a pleasurable one by giving the gift of sleep to this mother of four. I tend to be possessive of my newborns, but I fully trust Emily with my babies. This gave me the opportunity to give some needed attention to the older siblings. Emily is not a typical baby nurse who will rock your baby all night long and leave you with a child who has messed up sleep habits. She puts your newborn on a schedule and teaches them how to sleep through the night. We aptly nicknamed her the "baby whisperer." She is also amazing with the older kids who were so excited to see her arrive each night.

—Jane and Amir

She is the best!

We were so lucky to have Emily as our night nurse when our second child was born. She made everything so much easier on us and helped us acclimate to a two child household. Just allowing us to sleep through the night, made the whole process worth it. I can't imagine how we ever would have done it without her! She is the best!

—Howie and Orlee

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Eliza & Sydney, 2015

Mila's Selfie


Mila, 2013

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Lite Girls

Sarafina, 2015

Handmade brazalete

Eloise, 2021


Syd, 2013

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Wilson, 2015

Dark Girls

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Nixon, 2014

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Sisterly Love

Marissa, 2012

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Julien, 2016


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