Here’s how Auntie EM can help your child—and you— get better sleep

Baby Handbooks (Coming soon)

Auntie EM’s baby manuals are an affordable option for new parents who need guidance in the areas of nutrition, sleep, education, communication, and more. Learn about the essentials from scheduling feeding sessions and sleep to practicing proper baby care so that you have what you need to create your own program at home. Each baby manual is tailored to your child’s age range so you can rest assured you are learning and implementing age-appropriate best practices and schedules.


60 minute Virtual Care
Session with Auntie EM

Looking for additional help with a more personalized plan? In this 60 minute video consultation, we will review what your schedules and practices are at home, what products you are currently using, as well as what areas you seem to struggle in. Together, we will identify what you're missing from your program, develop an age-appropriate schedule, and outline the rules and skills needed to achieve your goals. You may also use this session to ask any questions you have related to feeding, sleep, scheduling, nutrition, development, or communication. If you are unable to afford the full cost of Auntie EM services, you can fill out our financial assistance form

Physical Care Session

In need of hands-on support from Auntie EM? In-person assistance is available to families who are looking for a personalized and fool-proof program that is even more specific to their needs. With an in-person session, Auntie EM is able to observe and evaluate your child’s regular routines and environment without the limitations of discussing these topics with you solely through a computer screen. Corrective actions are able to be made immediately and with the support of Auntie EM by your side.

In-person sessions vary in duration depending on your needs and thus will begin with a complimentary 15 minute discovery session.

Ready to talk?

At Auntie EM, we hope to save our future generations, one family at a time by teaching parents how to enhance their parenting by addressing their child’s needs through sleep, nutrition, education, and communication. Check out our full list of potential services here.