We believe that every “problem” is really just an opportunity for growth.

We have parenting
techniques and solutions tailored to each family’s
specific needs and challenges.

We take care to understand the family dynamic, because only then can we identify solutions and strategies that will truly be effective. 

Auntie EM’s Philosophy

We provide solutions that are specially tailored to each and every clients’ specific need. From pregnancy, labor and birth doula services to infant and child sleep, scheduling and behavioral needs, we will provide you with the tools to thrive as a parent, guardian or caregiver.  At Auntie EM, we understand multiple family dynamics, and treat them as if it were our own. We identify the challenges parents and caregivers experience every day and create strategies that turns problems into solutions.

We envision a future with parents who know which infant development activities can serve them best, thus molding well-rounded individuals. We provide service in a single central location so that we can help as many families as possible, from all around the world. We know the more people we reach, the greater our impact will be felt. Our vision is to see those children grow up to be strong, confident, and secure so that they can then make a truly positive impact on the world.

Meet Emily

Emily Rubens

For over two decades, Emily has helped families from around the world find solutions and get all the all-inclusive care their children need. Auntie EM helps support families in their “sleep training” schedule as well as their communication style, creating a proper diet, and getting educational tools to help babies thrive. Auntie EM wants to debunk the untruths surrounding child-rearing so that families see real results, and avoid unknowingly adding to the family’s challenges.

Emily has BA in child psychology with a minor in nursing from Case Western Reserve University.  She has volunteered in the NICU in several hospitals, is CPR & First Aid certified, and was a certified GAL in Broward County’s 17th judicial circuit for 8 years. Auntie EM worked in OB/GYN for many years before creating her company and becoming solely self-employed. She has a large medical following including a pediatric GI at Miami’s Children’s Hospital that refers patients to try and avoid medical intervention.

Years of experience